The Complete Story of the Green Lattice

Chapter 1: The Intro

First, there was nothing. White. An expanse of emptiness. Then the floodgates opened. Color flooded the canvas. Immediately a little green grid formed. Order in the face of such immense chaos. We started small, a collection of dark and light green pixels on a white background, immediately against the east border of the canvas. Two communities formed claiming to represent the canvas, r/the_grove and r/greenlattice. Early on they maintained similar subscriber numbers. After it was made apparent that r/greenlattice was the more populous sub, a merger occurred. CSS was designed, a Discord created, people started joining, a movement was started.

We decided we need principles, we needed a goal, and we needed rules to live by. So we created the initial tenets of the green lattice:

Rule 1: We protect art. We knew this was meant for art, and we would work our hardest to protect our other artists at all costs.

Rule 2: No bots. This was a movement that had to be done by the people and for the people. Bots ruined the spirit of the place

Rule 3: We will not aggress against anyone. We are a peaceful group and we feel that aggression only leads to neverending conflict and destruction of our lands.

Rule 4: Keep the Lattice clean. We are nothing without the lattice.

Explosive growth. Our lattice grew to the largest it has ever been. We were the second largest continuous mass of color on the canvas. Blue had become a terrifying sea of color. Red had filled in to about half our size, green and purple about half that in their respective corners. The Rainbow road had dissected the canvas, The Void and the Erase The Place had both begun their efforts close to the center. Other notable efforts were r/prequelmemes and their Darth Plagueis the Wise copypasta, The Heart Pattern (Place Hearts), and a billion fucking flags.

Chapter 2: Our First Great Effort, Banner #1

At this point, we had a sizable chunk of land, but the lattice was getting messy. It seemed like we were losing steam, and we needed something to really test our organizational capabilities. Someone in chat proposed we build a banner for our sub. We all decided to just go ahead and build it.

Well that failed spectacularly. We weren't anywhere near coordinated enough to pull off just whipping a banner onto the canvas. To be brutally honest, that was kind of disheartening. How could we survive if we couldn't even put up a stupid little banner? At that point inspiration struck. We weren't organized enough obviously. The #banner chatroom formed. A brave user by the name of Chef in discord whipped up a spreadsheet and with the help of Royal Timerâ„¢ Artillect they got started building the original banner. With the help of the the users listed in the banner squad addendum, we managed to get the banner made and lookin' GREAT. Riding high on the amazing success of our banner placement and the new recruits such a pristine banner pulled in, the lattice grew in strength.

Chapter 3: The Next Great Effort. THE GRAPU

Our lattice has expanded spectacularly, and we were doing pretty great. All of a sudden our diplomacy chat received a message. A single user had the idea for a smug looking little grape dude. Originally my personal response was to tell them to piss off. We weren't some background for crap to be drawn on. We were the lattice! We WERE the art! (That is a message I'd repeat over and over and over on multiple different posts and chats and comments.) They then told me how they got rejected from the blue corner. At this point we had made the clear distinction that blue was the scourge of the planet and we were mortal enemies. I thought "MAN, FUCK BLUE" and I accepted this cute little guy onto our lattice. The grape (or grapu as people have started calling it) has managed to become basically the mascot of our group, despite having nothing to do with green or lattices. We still love it tho.

Chapter 4: Early Diplomacy

We'll step a little bit back in time. Right off the bat there were people vying for diplomatic ties with the lattice, but our first real alliance came from the Black Border Group. They wanted to put just a single pixel of black border around the entire canvas. We figured that was no big deal and let them on their way. Next the ProtectTheArt people wanted to make sure we were committed to protecting art in general which we reminded them that we're super committed to protecting. Next The purple corner reached out and we allied with each other even though we were on other sides of the canvas. Finally some more art projects reached out to us and we approved them. We buddied up the the "oWo, What's this?" That the furries over at r/furry_irl made, and we told the undertale peeps we wouldn't destroy their collection of art. The final major early diplomatic agreement was with the people over at r/onepiece. With them being so large and carving out a solid geometric area, they formed a western border that curtailed a lot of expansion into our area.

Chapter 5: Flexing Our Muscles

After we had established our control over the area we were in, people approached us for expansions or for other weird stuff. First the furries really wanted to put their r/furry_irl banner under the "oWo, what's this?" We told them that it was too close and they said that their group was already going for it. The lattice devoured that soon enough. The other interesting instance of us really expressing our power was when the memelords from a stupid sub (that I won't even mention because it's some guy trying to win an idiotic bet) tried to get us to deface our banner. We told them no because it was late and I was basically the only admin on. I wanted to be friendly and maybe see if the other admins were going for it. Well the representative of this sub started getting pushy. "We have 6000 subscribers who can help you". All we needed to do was change how our banner looked to fit their stupid meme. Well I pushed back saying it can wait 'til the morning. They pushed harder, saying things about how place was going to end overnight. I asked how much help they would be if place ended overnight. They would get all of the benefit of increased visibility and we'd get some vague idea of assistance from people who couldn't care less about us. I told them no. They threatened us. I banned them. No one threatens the lattice.

Chapter 6: Our First Diplomatic Blunder

We had come to a spoken agreement with the american flag group that we were cool with each other. Little did we know of the hive mind that the lattice had grown to possess. Out of our control, the lattice ripped through the american flag. To be fair they had started expanding and we weren't too happy about that, but being so early into the place we hadn't figured out diplomacy yet. We figured just telling people to not destroy it would be enough. That was our first brush with the hivemind of the lattice.

Chapter 7: The Age of Pre-Black Diplomacy

The American flag had just been destroyed. We were feeling less in control of the lattice than we ever had been. Suddenly, a bot starts laying down lines of something just to the north. It looks like a Mona Lisa was destined to carve its way through the lattice. More art sprung up. We brokered a protection agreement with the Gnu/Linux dudes for their art. The bronies wanted protection, so did new Zealand with their laser kiwi. We took a tiny Kirby sprite under our wing. The funhaus logo, the r/cfb guys and some flags all came under our protection, but the lattice got messier and messier. We added a border around our precious banner to further protect it. The skyrim people got in touch and we cleared their logo. But no matter what we did the lattice got messier and messier. There was a black blob working its way around our lattice to the north. We discussed in the admin chat about what we were going to do about it. The prevailing opinion was that it should be left alone because the lattice needed cleaning. There were calls for a mass blackening of our background. I dismissed them. How could we keep a black background clean if our white one was so messy already?

Chapter 8: You Guessed It.

The time had come. We needed a new project. There were growing calls from the people that a black background would restore our formerly clean glory. We tried to resist but the people wanted it anyway. I decided if it's the people's will let's make it official. With a massive amount of people spamming @admin asking about the black background because they were nervous, excited, or both, we asked for a little more time. I needed to quickly finish up a mockup of our plan to keep the background of the banner white even with a black background. When I announced the blackening of the background, Discord erupted. Everyone immediately whipped into a frenzy of action. Black tiles flooded the lattice like a tidal wave. We had to make a few announcements telling people to stop destroying art with their fervorous expansion. People were so excited for the new background all concern for our treaties flew out the window. This to me was the turning point, the one decision that sealed our place as one of the last original powers on the canvas.

Chapter 9: The World Until Now

The time from the creation of the lattice to the blackening was about a day. We decided to blacken the lattice on Saturday evening. That leaves us with some time to go over what everyone else was doing during this time.

The Blue Corner - The blue corner expanded immensely. We had made the statement repeatedly that we viewed the blue corner as an enemy. They had attacked both the red and green corner and we were convinced we were going to be the next target. Well they had the misfortune of getting attacked by a streamer and his goons. They swarmed the blue corner with purple, destroying their banner and making just a massive mess of them. After that, the artists moved in. Seeing the blue corner defaced seemed like an invitation for people to start squeezing whatever things they could into the area. The blue corner never really recovered from that.

The Rainbow Road - They had an amazing start. They were ridiculously well organized, they did a lot of cool stuff, like having the rainbow bounce off of things. They formed a treaty with the blue team to get them to stop eating their rainbow that ran over the blue corner. They were very optimistic about their expansion plans because we even had an integration plan for if they bounced through our lattice. They decided to go the more diplomatic route and just have the rainbow go through a mario pipe around our area so as to not have to deal with integrating with our lattice at all.

The Red Corner - They never actually expanded as much as they could have. From the start they were plagued (Darth Plaguedeis, GET IT LOL PUNS) by attacks from blue. They never really got a foothold other than a little red corner and it seemed that that group lost steam a little bit before we started the blackening. By the time we had completed the first stage of the blackening, they were already mostly gone.

The Green Corner - The green corner was in touch with us from the start. We were both green factions so we were allied of course. Suddenly the call came out from our friends in the green corner that they were under attack and they needed assistance. Blue was attacking. We offered our assistance but it was too late. Blue basically covered them.

The Purple Corner - We were allies from the start, but they just kind of died out. Not for a lack of trying though, they just got attacked and drawn over. They also got blamed for the purple streamer attacks on the blue corner.

The Void - The void showed up early on. There were rumors of discords and subs getting spammed, and we were afraid we were going to be the next target. It was the fear of the blue corner all over again. Suddenly an envoy from the void showed up. They were looking for allies, and we agreed to a mutual non-aggression pact. They then expanded explosively across the canvas, their tendrils devouring all that they came across. They battled with the transgender flag, the people trying to put the Dark Side of the Moon album cover on them, and basically every other faction. When we had completed the initial blackening, the void was mostly defeated.

Chapter 10: The Golden Age of the Lattice

Changing our background black was an amazing decision. It allowed us to expand back into the area that was cluttered and clean up the crap that had piled up in the lattice. We recaptured a large tract of land and held it for a while. Everything was looking great for the lattice. The only problem was our sign. A block of white on a sea of black really didn't fit well with how we'd like to look. A new movement was started from within, a NEW BANNER SQUAD. Quickly and efficiently, a new banner with a neat white color scheme was stood up immediately above the original banner. The wonderful people of Banner Squad V2 (listed in addendum 4) took their precious time to make our lattice look great. After this banner was complete, we experienced a period of relative calm. The lattice had truly reached the height of its greatness.

Chapter 11: A Conflict with Darkness Itself

Grapu had been eaten earlier that day so morale was feeling a bit low, we decided we needed to launch another effort to relocate him to a place closer to the center of the lattice. We banded a small group of grapu advocates together for operation second coming, a resurrection of the great grapu. We planned out where we were going to place him and then it happened.

It started at about 9pm, I remember it as clear as day. "THE VOID IS ATTACKING US". My heart dropped straight to my stomach. This was it. This was our end. We couldn't handle the coordinated efforts of the void. I mustered up the courage I had to go look at what havoc was wrought upon our lands. Turns out, it was still very early in the attack. They were trying to sneak into our territory from the border around Majora's Mask. I called all hands onto defense. Everyone scrambled to defend our lattice from the scourge of the void. Suddenly ringing out through the Discord came a chant of "I AM ONE WITH THE VOID AND THE VOID IS WITH ME". It flooded our public channel. Someone told me to check our subreddit, I logged in and the new posts page was filled with that too. This was greater than a territorial conflict. This was an ideological conflict as well. They tried to instill fear in us, to make us doubt ourselves, to cast us into the depths of despair. They tried to show us that their power was pure and overwhelming. The problem with that was that we were prepared for this moment, we had been steeling ourselves for an attack of any form. We all banded together to fill the lattice back in where the void tried stretching its tendrils, and a short while later the void gave up. We had removed all the spam from the sub and banned all the Discord spammers. That is how a little group of friends defeated the terror of the void.

Chapter 12: The Sunset upon the Lattice

We had proven ourselves to be a battle hardened people, capable of defending ourselves from any threat that would be thrown at us. So began the final chapter of the lattice and of place itself. After the void attack we focused on our internal affairs. We needed to make sure that the lattice was clean and that the 'r' in the front of our banner wasn't a swastika, as it was prone to be. In the middle of just making sure we were alive at the end of the day came our last battle. It turns out the upstanding citizens of r/wallstreetbets decided to employ bots to make an effort to grab for a chunk of land. Well we kicked around the idea of COMPLETELY STAMPING THEM FROM EXISTENCE, but we decided we would just prevent them from expanding and assist our other allies in repairing their art that was so carelessly destroyed. We organized a movement and successfully kept them at bay and they seemed to stop their expansion efforts when they decided that they weren't powerful enough to be dicks to us.

By this time we'd made a lot of treaties with art seeking refuge in the protection of the lattice. We had so many people approved and asking for approval that we had to formalize the approval process with a google form and spreadsheet to keep track of everything. Eventually we were so swamped with art requests that we just had to close down new art approvals. We needed to do this because we still needed a space for the lattice. What was the lattice without the actual lattice? I've included a probably incomplete list of the agreements we had made by the end of place in an addendum.

Chapter 13: The End

I remember where I was when place ended. I was at work trying to balance keeping the lattice running and actually doing work. We were just trying to keep the lattice clean. I was watching r/place on the computer and suddenly the post showed up. Place has ended. Discord flooded with people saying it was over. A sense of dread immediately hit me. I hastily looked at the canvas. I had to see what our banner looked like. A wave of relief rushed over me, our banner was perfectly legible! We did it! We made our mark on history! People logged in after the fact and you could see their sadness that place was over. We did it though, we survived an entire weekend.

Chapter 14: A Message

This message is for anyone who decided to read long enough to get here. You might have noticed that the title of this story is "We're Your Friends Now". I immediately stole that quote from the user Varien on our discord because I feel it describes what our movement was about. Another thing you might have noticed is the subtext: "A history of the friendships that made The Green Lattice great." I left the actual history to the rest of the document, so you might have missed out on the whole friendship part.

The thing about the green lattice is that we tried to run it as one big group of friends. I feel like that came through. We didn't attack people, we didn't destroy people's work, we didn't run the place like a dictatorship. This entire effort was run as a collective. We were inclusive to all, accepting of all (even when they were obvious spies), and most of all, friendly to all. We wouldn't have done any of this if it wasn't for the people who banded together to make this little lattice a reality. I think I'd be happy to call of all my fellow latticers friends, and I'm infinitely grateful to have been able to spend a crazy weekend with all of them.

The Future

The future is in our hands. We'll see where the lattice takes us. If you've read this story and want to join us, feel free to hop on our subreddit, r/greenlattice. We also have a link to our discord there if you feel like joining us in our more day to day operations. We're trying to keep the spirit of the lattice alive on a few place clones as well as trying to turn into a real community, and we'd be happy to have you join our group of friends.