Chapter 8: You Guessed It.

The time had come. We needed a new project. There were growing calls from the people that a black background would restore our formerly clean glory. We tried to resist but the people wanted it anyway. I decided if it's the people's will let's make it official. With a massive amount of people spamming @admin asking about the black background because they were nervous, excited, or both, we asked for a little more time. I needed to quickly finish up a mockup of our plan to keep the background of the banner white even with a black background. When I announced the blackening of the background, Discord erupted. Everyone immediately whipped into a frenzy of action. Black tiles flooded the lattice like a tidal wave. We had to make a few announcements telling people to stop destroying art with their fervorous expansion. People were so excited for the new background all concern for our treaties flew out the window. This to me was the turning point, the one decision that sealed our place as one of the last original powers on the canvas.