Chapter 7: The Age of Pre-Black Diplomacy

The American flag had just been destroyed. We were feeling less in control of the lattice than we ever had been. Suddenly, a bot starts laying down lines of something just to the north. It looks like a Mona Lisa was destined to carve its way through the lattice. More art sprung up. We brokered a protection agreement with the Gnu/Linux dudes for their art. The bronies wanted protection, so did new Zealand with their laser kiwi. We took a tiny Kirby sprite under our wing. The funhaus logo, the r/cfb guys and some flags all came under our protection, but the lattice got messier and messier. We added a border around our precious banner to further protect it. The skyrim people got in touch and we cleared their logo. But no matter what we did the lattice got messier and messier. There was a black blob working its way around our lattice to the north. We discussed in the admin chat about what we were going to do about it. The prevailing opinion was that it should be left alone because the lattice needed cleaning. There were calls for a mass blackening of our background. I dismissed them. How could we keep a black background clean if our white one was so messy already?