Chapter 14: A Message

This message is for anyone who decided to read long enough to get here. You might have noticed that the title of this story is "We're Your Friends Now". I immediately stole that quote from the user Varien on our discord because I feel it describes what our movement was about. Another thing you might have noticed is the subtext: "A history of the friendships that made The Green Lattice great." I left the actual history to the rest of the document, so you might have missed out on the whole friendship part.

The thing about the green lattice is that we tried to run it as one big group of friends. I feel like that came through. We didn't attack people, we didn't destroy people's work, we didn't run the place like a dictatorship. This entire effort was run as a collective. We were inclusive to all, accepting of all (even when they were obvious spies), and most of all, friendly to all. We wouldn't have done any of this if it wasn't for the people who banded together to make this little lattice a reality. I think I'd be happy to call of all my fellow latticers friends, and I'm infinitely grateful to have been able to spend a crazy weekend with all of them.