Chapter 10: The Golden Age of the Lattice

Changing our background black was an amazing decision. It allowed us to expand back into the area that was cluttered and clean up the crap that had piled up in the lattice. We recaptured a large tract of land and held it for a while. Everything was looking great for the lattice. The only problem was our sign. A block of white on a sea of black really didn't fit well with how we'd like to look. A new movement was started from within, a NEW BANNER SQUAD. Quickly and efficiently, a new banner with a neat white color scheme was stood up immediately above the original banner. The wonderful people of Banner Squad V2 (listed in addendum 4) took their precious time to make our lattice look great. After this banner was complete, we experienced a period of relative calm. The lattice had truly reached the height of its greatness.