Chapter 1: The Intro

First, there was nothing. White. An expanse of emptiness. Then the floodgates opened. Color flooded the canvas. Immediately a little green grid formed. Order in the face of such immense chaos. We started small, a collection of dark and light green pixels on a white background, immediately against the east border of the canvas. Two communities formed claiming to represent the canvas, r/the_grove and r/greenlattice. Early on they maintained similar subscriber numbers. After it was made apparent that r/greenlattice was the more populous sub, a merger occurred. CSS was designed, a Discord created, people started joining, a movement was started.

We decided we need principles, we needed a goal, and we needed rules to live by. So we created the initial tenets of the green lattice:

Rule 1: We protect art. We knew this was meant for art, and we would work our hardest to protect our other artists at all costs.

Rule 2: No bots. This was a movement that had to be done by the people and for the people. Bots ruined the spirit of the place

Rule 3: We will not aggress against anyone. We are a peaceful group and we feel that aggression only leads to neverending conflict and destruction of our lands.

Rule 4: Keep the Lattice clean. We are nothing without the lattice.

Explosive growth. Our lattice grew to the largest it has ever been. We were the second largest continuous mass of color on the canvas. Blue had become a terrifying sea of color. Red had filled in to about half our size, green and purple about half that in their respective corners. The Rainbow road had dissected the canvas, The Void and the Erase The Place had both begun their efforts close to the center. Other notable efforts were r/prequelmemes and their Darth Plagueis the Wise copypasta, The Heart Pattern (Place Hearts), and a billion fucking flags.