Chapter 9: The World Until Now

The time from the creation of the lattice to the blackening was about a day. We decided to blacken the lattice on Saturday evening. That leaves us with some time to go over what everyone else was doing during this time.

The Blue Corner - The blue corner expanded immensely. We had made the statement repeatedly that we viewed the blue corner as an enemy. They had attacked both the red and green corner and we were convinced we were going to be the next target. Well they had the misfortune of getting attacked by a streamer and his goons. They swarmed the blue corner with purple, destroying their banner and making just a massive mess of them. After that, the artists moved in. Seeing the blue corner defaced seemed like an invitation for people to start squeezing whatever things they could into the area. The blue corner never really recovered from that.

The Rainbow Road - They had an amazing start. They were ridiculously well organized, they did a lot of cool stuff, like having the rainbow bounce off of things. They formed a treaty with the blue team to get them to stop eating their rainbow that ran over the blue corner. They were very optimistic about their expansion plans because we even had an integration plan for if they bounced through our lattice. They decided to go the more diplomatic route and just have the rainbow go through a mario pipe around our area so as to not have to deal with integrating with our lattice at all.

The Red Corner - They never actually expanded as much as they could have. From the start they were plagued (Darth Plaguedeis, GET IT LOL PUNS) by attacks from blue. They never really got a foothold other than a little red corner and it seemed that that group lost steam a little bit before we started the blackening. By the time we had completed the first stage of the blackening, they were already mostly gone.

The Green Corner - The green corner was in touch with us from the start. We were both green factions so we were allied of course. Suddenly the call came out from our friends in the green corner that they were under attack and they needed assistance. Blue was attacking. We offered our assistance but it was too late. Blue basically covered them.

The Purple Corner - We were allies from the start, but they just kind of died out. Not for a lack of trying though, they just got attacked and drawn over. They also got blamed for the purple streamer attacks on the blue corner.

The Void - The void showed up early on. There were rumors of discords and subs getting spammed, and we were afraid we were going to be the next target. It was the fear of the blue corner all over again. Suddenly an envoy from the void showed up. They were looking for allies, and we agreed to a mutual non-aggression pact. They then expanded explosively across the canvas, their tendrils devouring all that they came across. They battled with the transgender flag, the people trying to put the Dark Side of the Moon album cover on them, and basically every other faction. When we had completed the initial blackening, the void was mostly defeated.