Chapter 5: Flexing Our Muscles

After we had established our control over the area we were in, people approached us for expansions or for other weird stuff. First the furries really wanted to put their r/furry_irl banner under the "oWo, what's this?" We told them that it was too close and they said that their group was already going for it. The lattice devoured that soon enough. The other interesting instance of us really expressing our power was when the memelords from a stupid sub (that I won't even mention because it's some guy trying to win an idiotic bet) tried to get us to deface our banner. We told them no because it was late and I was basically the only admin on. I wanted to be friendly and maybe see if the other admins were going for it. Well the representative of this sub started getting pushy. "We have 6000 subscribers who can help you". All we needed to do was change how our banner looked to fit their stupid meme. Well I pushed back saying it can wait 'til the morning. They pushed harder, saying things about how place was going to end overnight. I asked how much help they would be if place ended overnight. They would get all of the benefit of increased visibility and we'd get some vague idea of assistance from people who couldn't care less about us. I told them no. They threatened us. I banned them. No one threatens the lattice.