Chapter 4: Early Diplomacy

We'll step a little bit back in time. Right off the bat there were people vying for diplomatic ties with the lattice, but our first real alliance came from the Black Border Group. They wanted to put just a single pixel of black border around the entire canvas. We figured that was no big deal and let them on their way. Next the ProtectTheArt people wanted to make sure we were committed to protecting art in general which we reminded them that we're super committed to protecting. Next The purple corner reached out and we allied with each other even though we were on other sides of the canvas. Finally some more art projects reached out to us and we approved them. We buddied up the the "oWo, What's this?" That the furries over at r/furry_irl made, and we told the undertale peeps we wouldn't destroy their collection of art. The final major early diplomatic agreement was with the people over at r/onepiece. With them being so large and carving out a solid geometric area, they formed a western border that curtailed a lot of expansion into our area.