Chapter 3: The Next Great Effort. THE GRAPU

Our lattice has expanded spectacularly, and we were doing pretty great. All of a sudden our diplomacy chat received a message. A single user had the idea for a smug looking little grape dude. Originally my personal response was to tell them to piss off. We weren't some background for crap to be drawn on. We were the lattice! We WERE the art! (That is a message I'd repeat over and over and over on multiple different posts and chats and comments.) They then told me how they got rejected from the blue corner. At this point we had made the clear distinction that blue was the scourge of the planet and we were mortal enemies. I thought "MAN, FUCK BLUE" and I accepted this cute little guy onto our lattice. The grape (or grapu as people have started calling it) has managed to become basically the mascot of our group, despite having nothing to do with green or lattices. We still love it tho.