Chapter 2: Our First Great Effort, Banner #1

At this point, we had a sizable chunk of land, but the lattice was getting messy. It seemed like we were losing steam, and we needed something to really test our organizational capabilities. Someone in chat proposed we build a banner for our sub. We all decided to just go ahead and build it.

Well that failed spectacularly. We weren't anywhere near coordinated enough to pull off just whipping a banner onto the canvas. To be brutally honest, that was kind of disheartening. How could we survive if we couldn't even put up a stupid little banner? At that point inspiration struck. We weren't organized enough obviously. The #banner chatroom formed. A brave user by the name of Chef in discord whipped up a spreadsheet and with the help of Royal Timerâ„¢ Artillect they got started building the original banner. With the help of the the users listed in the banner squad addendum, we managed to get the banner made and lookin' GREAT. Riding high on the amazing success of our banner placement and the new recruits such a pristine banner pulled in, the lattice grew in strength.