Chapter 12: The Sunset upon the Lattice

We had proven ourselves to be a battle hardened people, capable of defending ourselves from any threat that would be thrown at us. So began the final chapter of the lattice and of place itself. After the void attack we focused on our internal affairs. We needed to make sure that the lattice was clean and that the 'r' in the front of our banner wasn't a swastika, as it was prone to be. In the middle of just making sure we were alive at the end of the day came our last battle. It turns out the upstanding citizens of r/wallstreetbets decided to employ bots to make an effort to grab for a chunk of land. Well we kicked around the idea of COMPLETELY STAMPING THEM FROM EXISTENCE, but we decided we would just prevent them from expanding and assist our other allies in repairing their art that was so carelessly destroyed. We organized a movement and successfully kept them at bay and they seemed to stop their expansion efforts when they decided that they weren't powerful enough to be dicks to us.

By this time we'd made a lot of treaties with art seeking refuge in the protection of the lattice. We had so many people approved and asking for approval that we had to formalize the approval process with a google form and spreadsheet to keep track of everything. Eventually we were so swamped with art requests that we just had to close down new art approvals. We needed to do this because we still needed a space for the lattice. What was the lattice without the actual lattice? I've included a probably incomplete list of the agreements we had made by the end of place in an addendum.