Chapter 11: A Conflict with Darkness Itself

Grapu had been eaten earlier that day so morale was feeling a bit low, we decided we needed to launch another effort to relocate him to a place closer to the center of the lattice. We banded a small group of grapu advocates together for operation second coming, a resurrection of the great grapu. We planned out where we were going to place him and then it happened.

It started at about 9pm, I remember it as clear as day. "THE VOID IS ATTACKING US". My heart dropped straight to my stomach. This was it. This was our end. We couldn't handle the coordinated efforts of the void. I mustered up the courage I had to go look at what havoc was wrought upon our lands. Turns out, it was still very early in the attack. They were trying to sneak into our territory from the border around Majora's Mask. I called all hands onto defense. Everyone scrambled to defend our lattice from the scourge of the void. Suddenly ringing out through the Discord came a chant of "I AM ONE WITH THE VOID AND THE VOID IS WITH ME". It flooded our public channel. Someone told me to check our subreddit, I logged in and the new posts page was filled with that too. This was greater than a territorial conflict. This was an ideological conflict as well. They tried to instill fear in us, to make us doubt ourselves, to cast us into the depths of despair. They tried to show us that their power was pure and overwhelming. The problem with that was that we were prepared for this moment, we had been steeling ourselves for an attack of any form. We all banded together to fill the lattice back in where the void tried stretching its tendrils, and a short while later the void gave up. We had removed all the spam from the sub and banned all the Discord spammers. That is how a little group of friends defeated the terror of the void.