We're Your Friends Now

A History of the Friendships That Made The Green Lattice Great

Within this collection of chapters you will find a retelling of what The Green Lattice went through. This will tell you what happened during the event from the point of view of one of the moderators of the community: jojo6311. It is a tale of a wonderful group of people who banded together to achieve greatness in the face of extreme opposition.

All Chapters
Chapter 1: The Intro
Chapter 2: Our First Great Effort, Banner #1
Chapter 3: The Next Great Effort. THE GRAPU
Chapter 4: Early Diplomacy
Chapter 5: Flexing Our Muscles
Chapter 6: Our First Diplomatic Blunder
Chapter 7: The Age of Pre-Black Diplomacy
Chapter 8: You Guessed It.
Chapter 9: The World Until Now
Chapter 10: The Golden Age of the Lattice
Chapter 11: A Conflict with Darkness Itself
Chapter 12: The Sunset upon the Lattice
Chapter 13: The End
Chapter 14: A Message
The Future