My personal story: Early, before even the banner, I saw the pattern and said to myself That's pretty cool and maintained the purity for the rest of the time.

the day place was active, i looked around the map. i saw a weird looking lattice-like structure, and then the green lattice absorbed my life.

Admin yoyo
My personal story, I saw that there where like 6 different green groups, and liked the name greenlattice better, so I joined r/greenlattices Discord. Was one of the first 6 on there. Started working on early propaganda to advertise the group/subreddit. Asked for the #propaganda text channel and the owner and only admin at the time, @Admin Nefaryus Destiny , created it. Soon he asked something about Admins and I was like yo. Together we discussed our plans for our group. I pretty much just sat there amazed at what the other Admins were doing, well scrambling to be a bit useful. I went for the green lattice because it was a underdog, only like 2 posts on r/place, when the other colors had many. My favorite part of the experience was when we built the first banner. It took 2 attempts for the first one. First attempt was disorganized and any @SignMasters Vet can swear to that. On the other hand, the second attempt was a thing of beauty. A official document was created to tell people the exact cords that they needed to place. At the time we were literally fighting ourselves (hive mind), so speed was very important, but we also had the 20 minute counter. We some how worked together and pushed through those barriers. This is honestly the happiest I have ever been on the Internet. I honestly find it incredible that people (mostly strangers) from all over the world grouped up and organized together to protect our lattice. It amazes me how we outlasted so many different factions. Overall was the fucking funnest thing I have done on the Internet.

I saw Kirby. I đź’š Kirby. I helped fix Kirby. As the lattice approached, I decided to preemptively ask for recognition. When I had pixels free to stop the vandalism, I liked the lattice pattern and so helped it spread.

Admin wb
My story was that drunkenly deciced to make my reddit name til I got boarded and saw the lattice a little later and decided to join them as they were nice looking (from thier orginsation), so I looked at threaded in /r/place and saw one to /r/greenlatice and went their and join when there where less than like 10 ppl here and worked to keep us on task and when nefaryus asked for admins for timezones I voluntered for Gtm, and was made an admin next day due to keeping people orginised while the americans were offline.

CrowPickle or blinnlambert
I jumped into r/place within the first couple hours and placed my first random pixel like a dummy. Then I scanned the map and saw all these corner factions popping up. I also noticed this awesome green grid growing from the side. My OCD mindset immediately gravitated to this area, and I started plopping pixels there. I created an alt account and luckily got the /u/greenlattice username! After quickly realizing new alts don't get pixels, I abandoned the account but when I joined the discord chat soon after, I surrendered the username to the admins knowing that they would probably put the username to better use. This was my first experience with Discord and holy hell, are you guys organized! I quickly jumped onto creating propaganda posters and occasionally voicing my strategy thoughts. I'm proud to be one of the founders of Hulk Town and part of the strike team that extinguished the void to the south!

Plop or icerodent
i wasnt active on r/place until about halfway into april 1st and when i found it i was immediately consumed. i started out with the rainbow road but i lost intrest soon enough. i moved on to the void, they had the simplest goal but by the end of the first day it was clear they were not the group for me. i had joined all the discord servers in the hopes that one would appeal to me, i joined the voice chat in green lattice and everone was calm and nice, they had a clear and pure goal and comunicated their ideas reasonably. i was instanly in love i threw myself at making this lattice the best it could be. it was an honor serving with all of the others on this server.

I and a couple of /daftpunk fellows were desperate to place our robot overlords on the board. After two of our previous artworks were crushed by the big guys, we decided to settle way off to the side under the beautiful green lattice.. We soon noticed it was spreading towards us, and asked for an alliance - the lattice in return were kind and helped our robots survive, and we decided to join the lattice in its noble cause. We teamed up with the H3H3 guys when they arrived, and as the void started their attack right next to our robots we all fought valiantly together with the Lattice to keep our lands clean! After all, nowhere is a better place to call home, than the almighty GreenLattice.

I was originally here from the r/2b2t post. I wondered... What is this? So I head over to it. Originally I wanted to make a sheep head but then found out the fundamentals of clans and factions. So I made a thread about posting a pokeball and someone told me to post it on r/ainbow. Instead I posted it on r/rainbow... The subreddit for discussions concerning LGBHT issues. I then headed to rainbow road and they were really stingy with their surplus of land. I then compromised for a kirby sprite which someone else wanted. So they and rainbow road linked me here and I found out about the beautiful Green Lattice which by far was my favorite. Although none of the art I wanted was able to get featured it was fun defending and strategizing the almighty Green Lattice. :RocketLatticeHeart: :sheep: :heart: Shame I didn't find out about this sooner. :3

Dr.Ravioli -
Well, i saw a very pretty pattern of dark and light green over the white canvas so i looked around for the discord server. That's basically it c:

In the beginning, my original plan was to join the green corner, but I immediately realized that is posed a threat to the neighboring blue corner and would most likely be wiped out. Because of this I moved to the next best thing (later i learned it was the best), the green lattice.

I first went too r/place, and saw nothing but a rainbow, 4 colored corners and the lattice, Something about the lattice stood out to me as unique and different from the other factions. I helped expand the white lattice and even participated in the first 2 attempts at making the banner. Unfortunately it was a shitshow of miscommunication and I confess that I lost faith in the venture. So I made some dinner and watched some HBO's Rome and came back to find the @SignMasters Vet laying the final 5 pixels to the banner. From there our discord and subreddit blew up and we grew out to our greatest extent. Even helped make Grapu whose construction was contested by our new recruits who tried to keep it down. By the end we had pushed the clutter back and though on saturday we regressed in the face of a resurgent griefer population, the construction of the black lattice and new banner was truly a sight to behold. Initially I came out against new art in our lattice, but I soon saw how that it only made our defenses stronger as shown by the void attacks and the general redduction in clutter.

The Gap Mopper
When I just started working on /r/place, I was helping out with the Tux monument. After it was completed, I decided to help out here since you had given our art permission to intrude on Lattice territory. Soon I realized that this faction is not like the others. Unlike the void, we won't destroy everything in our path to spread. Unlike the blue corner, we wouldn't let our entire territory be consumed. We were resiliant without being hostile. Later, it occured to me that this is more than just a spread out thing, it's a whole community. So I kept on cleaning the lattice and mopping the black gaps.

It all began a long time ago. Firstly the world as we know it was Blank. Each day 10mins Long. At first I was presented with infinite possibilities. So what path did I choose that so many Redditors choose? Being a part of the hive mind. I joined the blue team in growing, but immediately I could tell, something wasn't right with the world. Blue just worked to consume all in its path, Art or no Art, they worked tirelessly. Days became weeks, weeks became YEARS. One day while sitting on my Blue Porch I looked over our world. I began to notice a peaceful pattern growing in the upper right side. The vigilance that was the Green Lattice. Even before r/GreenLattice became a thing, I secretly began working with them, a green here, a white there. Each week returning to my blue home. My Blue wife, stupid asshole blue cat. I cracked. I wanted free of the Blue waste. By the next morning (like 10mins later) I fled the blue waste and I joined /r/GreenLattice peaceful ways. This new land was beautiful. A sea of green and white, beautiful art dotted the hillsides and the people ever warm and welcoming. I was home. I took up a peaceful role Ninja Gardener. Ever on guard to protect my new home from weeds. Suddenly a wild Red tile appears, Crazy Ninja Backflip Special Move with little dialog in between, with my white tile in hand quicker than the Red tile had shown up. It was gone. As our world started to fill up, with all kinds of crazy colours, the people of the r/GreenLattice started to become overwhelmed. It was a never ending battle of weeds. As the weeds closed in, 3 tiles out, then 2 tiles, completely surrounding us, exhausted, I accepted my fate die on the fields of r/GreenLattice. A beam of light shot forth from the Sky, I suddenly felt stronger, faster, more powerful, Cue Daft Punk, my white Armour broke away and reviled BLACK. Little did I know The Green Council saw it in the best interests of the r/GreenLattice to active the power of Lord Admin yoyo, a forbidden power, that would allow us to defend the lands more effectively. To Be Continued I had to pretend to work Council person Lord Admin u/nefariousdestiny put forth a new plan for our Boarders. The New sign. A Beacon of Light and Hope for the /r/GreenLattice. Lord Admin u/nefariousdestiny gave the signal [Pict]. Everyone worked together to build this great monument of our people. The Guardians of the Sign aka the SignMasters the elite Ninja Gardeners amongst us, never sleeping, always alert, always watching, defending this holy place. Our vast lands soon became very appealing to new travellers, and of course, unsanctioned Art. They underestimated our Ninja Gardeners, defending the homes of the r/GreenLattice and of our neighbours. Many Diplomats approached us. Amongst them the most memorable for me being u/AdaptedRobot . His crew from r/daftpunk working in the lower right corner to bring us an effigy of the mighty Heroes DaftPunk. At first I was unaware of u/AdaptedRobot vision and #Diplomacy chats with the Green Council. I worked with many a fellow Ninja in defending the Lower Right corner. Over time I noticed the same names rising again and again after being cut down. What seemed like Tiles raising from the dead. A Zombie invasion. I called for support. Luckily the friendly Diplomat u/AdaptedRobot knew how to speak our language and the council officially sanctioned DaftPunk a home. What turned from a Zombie invasion of tiles turned to building a small yet beautiful home for these people. As my home was around the corner I often visited them, enjoying a nice tea and the occasional weed-removal-for-hire. TL;DR Was Blue. Fled Hivemind Blue. Became Ninja. Secret GreenLattice Power Activated. Saved GreenLattice.

I saw some sort of experiment coming April 1st, in the reins of the Button and Robin, cool stuff. But when my friend reminded me about it and I joined, (three hours in about) it was far different than I could've imagined. Anyways, going by my green Button flair heritage from two years ago, I decided to help the green corner at first. That quickly shifted over to the grandiose, beautiful lattice growing gracefully to the right. I joined around the time everyone was planning to make the sign, and a lot of people were in doubt. Nonetheless, together we built that freakin sign and I knew I had found my home for many, many hours and eternities to come. Admittedly after we went black, I became a lot more involved with other projects on the board (Muh frog and the Cave Story people), but the people here at lattice were still my main peeps in respect to the majesty of the board (no matter how many times I whined about that frog). My obsession with all the happenings only waned when I was limited by school stuff (in like the last 4 hours, lucky me). Honestly, I still have my Robin shirt, and I'm still subbed to the Button, frozen in time, but I can say for certain that, with all the allies I made here and elsewhere, I've gained a lot more out of Place than just a sweet new wallpaper. (Oh, and that frog is forever)

I just fixed some pixels in the rainbow road, joined lattice, helped a bit with runescpae, then it ended.

Reddit's /r/place was a pleasant, time-consuming, surprise late Friday evening. My first pixel was probably in the top left corner, unknowingly helping out the purple group. The other groups were making their way onto /r/place's hot and trending, I saw Green Lattice and thought, huh, neat. and quickly became loyal. Spent the whole night keeping the lattice clean, keeping grape safe, admiring the artwork that was popping up everywhere, being intimidated by the Blue Corners expansion, loving the RainbowRoad, loving our treaties and roleplay with the whole thing. I was losing hope when the lattice suffered a lot from randoms and thought of switching to the growing Void, but then we all switched to green-black. And I thought Oh we're just like, cooler Void now. When the lattice was safe I used spare pixels to fix artwork around the map, I didn't really participate in the coordination efforts of creating something from a template (Except for the new banner). Still fun anyways to see all the amazing memes to come out of this. Stuff I learned from GreenLattice/Place: 1. Discord is really cool! why don't I use this? Oh right, no friends 2. Lattice is a pattern, not a mispelling of lettuce 3. Nation flags 4. New subreddits 5. How to waste(HAVE F U N with) my last few days on spring break

I was ready to be April fooled by everything out there. I wasn't ready, however, to join a wonderful community spurred on by a Reddit project on par with The Button. I haven't been part of Reddit for even a year and when I opened it up on April Fools and saw a simple message I knew I had to be part of this. The message was the announcement of /r/place. I went to this subreddit, and immediately see rainbows and black and white and lots and lots of blue. I knew I would never join the blue, it was too ugly for me. Rainbowroad looked promising, but I wanted to really be part of the start, the history of something. That was when I saw the lattice. At the time, it was just a small blob of white and green, but it was so a e s t h e t i c. I had to really dig for the subreddit, as there was no sign yet. It was right after the debate between /r/GreenLattice and /r/TheGrove had gone down, so finding the correct one took some searching. But then I found it, as well as the Discord. I get on, and people are putting together some uncoordinated attempts to put a sign together. But then, a fully planned-out one came through. I hopped in, and put my name down for different parts of the sign. I was going to do this, and I did. After that, I watched the phase from white to black, and even helped get black the official background. I went and coordinated with /r/MyLittlePony, became and ambassador for the Place Congress, and even helped with the second sign. I watched the lattice grow and I grew with it, and I had a hell of a time doing it all.

I started out a day late not knowing what anything was. I saw the void and liked its cracks, and joined the void. I spent a brief time griefing until I saw that the lattice had turned black. I thought this the perfect opportunity to attack. I joined the lattice sub and discord and spread uplifting, calming messages and spying. After a while me and like maybe three people tried to raid here. No, this wasn't the big attack that happened later and involved people spamming our discord. But that's besides the point. We failed miserably. Afterwards, the lattice came back stronger, and I saw it completely perfect and bigger than when I had first seen it black. I was already in the lattice discord, after all. So I defected. I deleted all my void propaganda posts. And I became a warrior of the lattice. I helped neutralize wallstreetbets, I helped build skyrim's banner, and used nearly all my pixels on cleaning the lattice. And it was great. It looked great. I made great friends. Great. 10/10 would lattice again.

Royal Fucking Timer™ Artillect
My favorite part of the experience was the people here in the discord. Not only was the level of collaboration incredible, but the fun we had, the inside jokes we created, and everything else we talked about were amazing. Being able to talk to these guys and get to know them, only because we chose the same pattern of green and white, was just awesome. Our very first attempt at making the sign was very half-baked, and we didn't get very far. Once we tried again, with the help of @Chef to organize it, all of the @SignMasters Vet, and myself, the @Royal Timer, we were able to make coordinated pushes that resulted in the sign. Our second banner was much better, and every single @SignMasters Gen2 worked very hard to get it done in almost a quarter of the time, with my timing help of course :D. I think this is the most fun I've had on the internet in a very long time, and it was an incredible experience collaborating with all of you. Through the high and through the low, we had fun. P.S. I enjoyed telling pissed off artists to try their hardest to take our territory by force, which they never succeeded in doing.

Zander Swift
my personal story: I started as a hivemind in blue, then me and my friend had an idea that we thought would be really cool. We wanted to make the Monado from Xenoblade Chronicles in /r/place, so we posted to /r/xenoblade_chronicles, their discord server, the shulk smashcord, and a few other xenoblade related discords. We first made a spot under the void, which turned out to be a horrible idea... the void consumed it completely. Then we made a spot over at 900,500 and we ran into a few issues. The bulgarian flag decided they wanted to expand all the way to the edge of the canvas, and the new void had appeared below us. We were awestruck with the unfortunate fate of being consumed by the void a second time, and slowly but surely there began those hivemind/bots attacking our precious Monado. We were almost ready to give up... but we felt that urge. We saw Green Lattice expanding from above, and they were headed in our way. We can change the future (that's a line from Xenoblade Chronicles)... And so our struggles against the void continued, but with enough manpower we managed to keep it intact while Green Lattice slowly approached. The Void was desperate, they wanted to destroy the Monado. They wanted to destroy the Bionis. They thought they could break us, torment us, eliminate us, but we replied Your blade... it did not cut deep enough. and through an alliance with Green Lattice we pushed forward with the green dots everywhere and ruined their void. It was close, but Green Lattice is a lifesaver. Afterward we made a little treaty with Bulgaria and they expanded next to the Monado, there were a few mishaps but we got the FULL Monado in the end product!

I came in out of nowhere and saw the Skyrim logo was being made near the lattice. I helped create the Skyrim logo and worked like hell to protect. I joined both the Skyrim and Green Lattice Discords and worked hard with the mods to keep it intact. The lattice mods helped out SO MUCH and in exchange, I made sure the lattice was well kept. I highly enjoyed the cooperation and leadership presented by the Green Lattice mods and members. You all were amazing to work with and helped keep artwork safe and let us have a cool /r tag! (Even though many disapproved and it was eventually eaten and wasn't completely moved to inside the dragon because r/place ended... lol :stuck_out_tongue: ) Thanks for being such an awesome bunch of lattice members! Couldn't have asked for better myself! Special shoutout to @Diplomat Tauxcinity @Jake @many_others_because_you're_special_in_my_heart!

There's nothing more fun than seeing an organized effort and joining it. I saw r/greenlattice form and basically said fuck it, I'll help em out a bit. You see, I'm a bit, competitive. So when I realized that r/place was becoming more than just a canvas for random shit, I was sucked into it. Every pixel counted, I was coordinating efforts with members of the community for retaliation strikes on people trying to grief us. I was there when the great rekt of April fools night happened, I thought we were done for when I woke up the next day and saw us overrun. To my surprise, I checked back in late at night and holy shit did the lattice look good, and clean. Blue corner fell, purple corner was squashed, the void was eating a ton of people, and yet our little corner still proudly stood. This was my tipping point, I started to really become an ambassador for the lattice. I helped negotiate Thank Mr.Goose into staying above Tesla, I helped skyrim create their banner, then recreate it when our reddit based community did not agree with it. I was there to lend a hand and warn r/starbound their flag was being attacked. And I was there to fight off the void (Who got BTFO) as well as wallstreetbets, who lost even with the use of botting and scripts. This community has been amazing and it was such a fun experience being thrown into the pits to help your team be victorious yet keep the peace with other artists. :heart:

When I got to my house, I decided to check reddit (as usual), and saw the novelty: /r/place. Intrigued, I opened the canvas for the first time and started wondering to which band I would belong to. I personally like the color green, it's my absolute favorite, so I tried looking for something similar to the blue corner, but except in green. Things were not looking good for our pals the green corner, so I decided to look around for a bit more... and found the /r/GreenLattice. The banner had been vandalized, so it took me a bit to decipher the word Lattice out of it. After that, I went to the subreddit and joined the Discord channel. I don't usually join group activities... but I guess I felt like it. I joined pretty late, so everyone was going to sleep; I got my color and.. tried giving a few suggestions around (though it felt like I wasn't being heard), until the admins went off to dreamland. Suddenly, I received a private message on Reddit; I was invited to become a mod at the subreddit. I thought huh, unexpected and accepted my first mod job at the reddits. I told myself that I'd try and do a good job. So that I did, I sticked around at the chat to give reminders to everyone on the current plans and strategies; and moved questions and requests from the subreddit to the over here, getting a consensus from the current online users on what the response would be. I tried to be friendly and encouraging, always on the nice side. And it went on for... hours, really; I was sleepy but I thought that I'd stay until an admin came back from their rest. Drinking coke.. watching gameplays while adding pixels.. Oh hey, an admin... - Oh hey an admin! I guess I'm going to sleep now and I did, and it was totally worth it. The next days I couldn't collaborate as much as I did on the coordination sense of things, but I did throw several pixels in our favor, and.. it felt satisfying that we could stay alive, unlike most of the other color factions... Pretty cool. Oh and rip grapu

kinda just plopped our daft punk guys and we all helped repair nuttin much

In the beginning there was nothing. Then, like anything else, there was a crude etching of a phallus. What followed next was a chaotic time of pixel bursts and abrupt colonization of color. Lines of red, blue and green erupted from the corners of the land spearing towards the center. Northeast of the center, a beautiful rainbow began to envelop the nothingness and reach it's arms around the land like an embrace from a benevolent force. According to legend, it was around this time that our people came to be. What started as a brilliant use of negative space to further our territory, a brilliance of greens grew out of the east swelling to a size matching the rampant growth of the Blue that exploded from the southeast and at one point stretched to the Northwestern border. Idols began to form on the landscape. Ancient scripture slowly began to tear into the land telling a tale of ancient evil and an impending prophecy to one who was helpless to stop the tide of fate. The benevolent rainbow grew until she reached clear across the known world. It was a road of sorts travelling by the obscure idols and plunging into many territories unmolested due to it's unmatched power and acceptance; And for a while, the colors grew in prosperity, peace and mutual appreciation. A true Garden of Eden. Unfortunately, war breached the horizon. One by one we watched the once prominent colors fall to the power of the cold empire in the southeast. What was once red slowly became purple as war raged. Our closest brethren at the time, the green were washed of the face of the land as the azul army marched on confident of total domination. Silently we watched as grandfathered factions were reduced to rubble. Slowly the blue force approached from the south and the Green Lattice braced for the impending tide rushing recklessly their way. Unbeknownst to us, another war was starting. A war of all or nothing, which would shape and change us forever. In the center of the land where the hallowed phallus once ushered in this great era, two great holes ripped through the budding anarchy. One was the combination of all colors bent on returning the land to it's once pure state. The other was a force misunderstood in nature. The terrifying darkness began to spread swallowing everything in it's path. The antithesis of our lands primal objectives, these holes would swell and shrink in constant battle as the renegade pixels raged between eradication and annihilation. With our eyes looking west we feared for the future as our enemies closed in about us. With war drawing ever nearer, strange walls began to erect on our western border. We sent emissaries to notify them of their trespass. They acknowledged they were part of the Pirate Party. Jolly fellows that love a drink and handy to have in a fight. After long palaver, we came to see them as equals. This led to the revelation that defines us and may have resulted in us standing tall among the ashes of anarchy. You see, The Green Lattice celebrate creativity, acknowledge one's right to existence and understand that the preservation of our people relied more on the quality of our relations than the size of our empire. Maybe there was wisdom in the ancient phallus after all. Our territory suddenly bordered to the west by friendly sentries, we were able to expand. This was our greatest mistake. At the height of our empire we extended from the eastern post of the rainbow to the foothills of the Triforce mountains. Outside of our land, there was a riotous explosion of instability. Factions and rogue sects building their idols over the antiquated ones, symbols of love, hate and obscurity littered the landscape. The Empires that were once a threat to us seem to drown in the rampant idolatry of the masses and for a while, it seemed now we were to fall victim to the chaos. Until we realized the same thing that once threatened us may be our only hope. After long and heavy council, we made an alliance with The Void. Rivers of blackness flooded our streets and what was once menacing gave way to renewed vigor and light. Our ancient pattern illuminated through darkness, defined our borders and allowed us to quietly expand well beyond the borders we once thought were lost. One by one pacts were made to keep aggressors at bay. The Starks, Lannisters, Order of the Mask and the Two Punks (though daft they were) held our southern Borders. The Guardians of Skyrim dominated our Western border and The League of Tesla to the north. For an age our lands and banner waved high amid the surging tides of chaos. The green piercing through the darkness reminding all who fell our resolve and diplomacy. When suddenly, as quick as the madness begun, time froze. There isn't enough time to tell all of the tales of this.. place. But our people will never be forgotten. The greens of freedom and liberty will shine on forever and through heroic acts such as The Changing of the Banner, the Assault of the Clover and the innumerable acts of defense from aggressors testing our borders and patience, we are immortal. Praise to the chosen ones of the Green Lattice.

I learned about place through the Starbound Discord group and had learned that we received a spot in r/GreenLattice territory. Things went well for the first few hours, we were able to finish our Protectorate logo and felt like we made a pretty good mark. Then it happened, WallStreetBets slowly started expanding their border into our flag, and when we requested that they stop, they decided to plan a bot attack on our flag directly. it got so bad that we almost just gave up, but a few of us still had hope. Our discord Admin, along with a few other people from r/Starbound were able to get in contact with r/GreenLattice and get some help. The starbound place group joined the GreenLattice discord and we were able to get a team big enough to not only re-lattice the area that WSB stole from us, but rebuild the Starbound flag with an updated design and hold our position through the end of the event. helping out Greenlattice with branching out, as well as protecting various pieces of art from attacks was actually REALLY fun, and It's nice to have been part of one of the more kind communities involved with r/place. r/Starbound really appreciated the help, and I personally look forward to participating in future GreenLattice projects. Let's hope for a huge turnout next year (if they decide to do it again next year that is) ^^

I was a part of the void right up until they started becoming the evil faction. I realized they were just mindlessly destroying, and wanted to join another faction. I found the lattice and dedicated myself as much as i could, especially when fighting the void. Everyone in this community is great and i hope we make a comeback on Place 2.0!

I'm coming from r/gamindustri, the one with Purple N thingy in the approval list lol, my story is that I'm joining r/place in the last few days (college stuff in the way) because some subreddit is attempting to overwrite the art, so I alerted the subreddit and we managed to hold them off, then I learn something about r/GreenLattice and the art approvals, I noticed the art is not in the approval yet, so I decided to send one and it got approved, since the art didn't need further improvement, I decided to join r/GreenLattice discord and try to help out, and hopefully, protect r/gamindustri's art from any threat to the GL, at that moment there's a plan to rebuild Grapu (RIP), so I asked for it, but I decided to shift focus on the current matter which is hivemind that ate everything north up to runescape's dagger with the others on the discord, and so I'm following GL after that, and planning to help with any Place's clone we are focusing!

I placed hearts, but they all became blue or rainbow or something, so i might as well have not botherd. I spent some time repaining things like the 'owo' and fighting the blue corner, but they got destroyed so i might as well have not done anything. but then i found the lattice, and helped made a thing which doesnt just get lost in the sea of random colours and logos, and that is its own community and stuff.

ß· M'Ghlosh
a nigga dead ß·, I'm just a nigga who likes green That's it

Came in from /r/Warframe when I heard you guys were helping out with our logo. Once it was done I decided to stick around and protect the surrounding areas. Quick edit: Main reason for sticking around was the way you guys treated us. We'd tried two times (first we got booted by HotS as we were starting, then Valve covered us with NopEngie) and so I was feeling like we'd never get this thing done, and then you guys gave us a spot to draw and a helping hand. Felt like I owed you lads one after that.

cog naso
I just religiously helped out cubers.

So I'd been terribly sick the whole weekend, and could barely leave my bed anyways, So r/Place was perfect for me to waste time with. I got in on lattice near when it was just beginning, and stuck with it until the very end. I remember watching people calling to keep expanding, ignoring the remains of conquered art or aberrant pixels, and wanting to pull them back to defend the center. I saw what was happening to all the other factions, and knew if we didnt defend our core the same thing would become of us. While i did my best to rally within the subreddit, I finally found the discord a few hours before we built the first Title. It was truly an amazing sight to watch the subreddit and discord go from not necessarily WANTING the sign, to it being a point around which the entire faction rallied as the trolls and art engulfed our empire. Then we accepted the darkness, and the force with which we expanded and resurrected our faction's former glory was a momentous sight to see. Even more incredible was the organization, planning, and diplomacy we made to keep the whole machine going, and without Bots. It was inspiring. Lastly, I enjoyed pushing back the assholes from Wallstreet Bets. Fuck'em. My only regret is that we couldnt have just decided to overrun their image so that r/place would have ended with their banner marred and broken by the great lattice.

I guess this is gonna have to be a 2 parter since discord has a character limit lol When I first heard of place, the lattice was already there, waiting for me. I was waiting for it to, I just didn't know it yet. Naturally, I saw a great number of bluecorner members posting in /r/place about how great the blue corner was, and I was desperate to join a faction quickly, so I went over to their sub and started reading through the posts. I had just about made up my mind when it occured to me I had yet to get a good look at the whole canvas. I drifted southeast to get a look at the blue corner, and as soon as I saw it, I could feel that it wasn't right for me. The style, the community, the way that the blue corner decimated everything in its path, it was all wrong. That wasn't who I wanted to be. It was at that moment that I realized I didn't want to be a part of this. I began to look elsewhere on the canvas, and that's when I saw it, a curious little area of green and white. I instantly fell in love. Then, I saw a banner. /r/greenlattice it read, and I began my quest to become a member of a community, nay, a family that I had always wanted. Reading through just the first few posts told me all that I needed to know about the lattice. It was about peace, togetherness, and above all, preserving the work of others rather than destroying it. I was in love. Everything was perfect. The style. Oh, the style. Such a bright, colorful, and clean piece of land in the midst of the chaos of /r/place. The community has since become a second family to me, and I wouldn't have it any other way. All in all, I don't feel like I chose the lattice. I feel like the lattice was always there for me since birth, just waiting for this time in my life to surface and make me whole. It was there when I was first learning to ride a bike and I just couldn't figure it out. It was there when I fell over and over again and scraped up my knees, hands, and a few times, face. It was there when it finally clicked, and I rode for a whole 5 seconds without a break. It was there the first day of kindergarten, when I didn't quite feel ready to leave the comforting embrace of my mother and venture out into the unknown outside world. The lattice was there for me when my prom date showed up with my friend, Ryan, without telling me, and it was there while my mom drove me home and away from the biggest disappointment in my life. And I know, that from this day on, the lattice will always be there for me.

Hey guys I'm the representative from r/OnePiece, Papismooth. I just want to start out by saying you guys made our flag possible. Without you letting us build so close to you we definetly would have been sacrificed to another design. You guys gave us space and protection until we could support ourselves. You guys are the reason we were able to make a mark in reddit history! Coming into r/place, and knowing reddit, I figured people would be against sharing space and would just grief our design, but you guys were a plesant surprise. My experience with Green Lattice has been nothing but positive. We started off as nothing more than the word PIRATES. We saw your ridiculous growth and knew you would soon overtake us, thats when we decided to take a chance and offer a proposal. You stunned me with how quickly you accepted our proposal and how supportive you were! You even donated some pixels in our defense! I am proud to say we returned the favor. When we weren't fixing the pixels in our eyes we were helping keep our surrounding area, mostly your area, clean. You were one of the last remaining factions in the end, and I'm glad I was a part of it. Once again, thank you all for helping me and r/OnePiece. I really appreciate it and will of course continue to support you in the future! -Regards, r/OnePiece

Hey, I'm Skyborg from /r/starbound! We really appreciated your help against WSB and allowing us to build in your area. When I wasn't repairing our logo, I made sure to help repairing the lattice. My last pixel was light green, and I'm very proud of it. On behalf of everyone from the starbound discord, thank you guys.

Oh, hey, I wasn't the representative of r/gamindustri, but our little Purple N Thing was made pretty early on, and somehow got secured by Greenlattice, even though the r/49ers kept trying to override us. Edit, because that's not much of a story: Originally I came into r/place when someone from the r/gamindustri Discord told us we were trying to make a symbol for our character, and after being taken out by both Rainbow Road and The Void, we decided to try a smaller logo, the Purple N Thing, which is a nation's symbol in the game series our subreddit is based on. After we finally made our logo, we learned that we had moved directly into another faction's core, and began trying to establish contact with Greenlattice so that we wouldn't get destroyed by another faction, or by some other random art thinking we weren't protected, like the 49ers. Our representative, @MasterFairy , did and managed to secure a safe position for our little logo. Funny enough, people from the subreddit eventually came in and added another nation symbol next to the original, but both had been officially sanctioned as Protected artworks in the core of Greenlattice. I guess without you guys, we would've just been another small subreddit that had been wiped out by another, larger userbase, so, thanks!

Long time reddit lurker I (/u/Trithalos) found myself supporting the lattice due my faith in humans as being capable managers of individual freedom. Our style was that of societies guardians. Ensuring a sense of justice, equity, and order from which societies creators can flourish. We did not lobby for changes or laws to the world, we enforced our principled will upon it and welcomed all who shared them.

I found the green lattice as soon as i saw place. I realised they were the best of all the factions with the beautiful repeating patterns. I joined the discord and found a great community. We greated two signs which looked beautiful and founght off many attacks. I'm really proud of what we have done and the community we have created.

I actually fooled around for a couple of hours. I would look at each faction and see whats happening. I saw the darkening and thought that was cool. I then decided to make a blue heaty at placehearts and help with the Ohio flag. Then I saw Skyrim being built, and with all this politics and treaties, I thought it was cool so I would start to get into it. I joined Skyrims discord to see the treaty in action and then join Green Lattices discord from there. I saw the amazing pattern and decided to join and help the cause.

The green lattice caused me to lose my job, house, and wife of 6 years, but I'll be damned if it wasn't worth it.

[UBGE] Paulo
i saw 2kiksphilip video about place. and then loved the repeating patterns. and now i'm here. other thing that made me came to the green lattice is that im braziliam and our falg have green. XD

I Placed a random green pixel

32 Hours of me struggling through javascript to help contribute to the illegal green lattice userscript.

It's kind of sad to write this.. Place was.. really simple.. you click, you place, once every five minutes.. that's it.. oh, and it was millions of us.. When it launched, it was a blank, white canvas. 1,000,000 pixels of potential. Did any of us know what to do? No. Were there alliances, clans? No.. Place has given me the opportunity to get a glimpse into how the first days or weeks is large MMOs can play out. I never played World of Warcraft, and even in my time in EVE Online, I always wondered what the first hours were like, before anyone had claimed any territory.. I played Pokemon Go from the launch. Actually, I played it even before the launch, grabbing the APK file before is was released in the US. It was incredible to watch factions emerge, teamwork triumph, and watching the world do things inspired by that game brought tears to my eyes. For once, people from all backgrounds, nations, and religions united as trainers to capture and collect these little monsters, and I met so many people as a result.. and a few weeks later, it was all over.. it had grown from nothing to my world and back again in two months, and I admit, I missed the feeling it gave me, trying to figure out with the rest of the world what we're supposed to do.. Place launched a few days ago, and when I first visited, I had no idea what to do. I placed my first pixel near the center, not even understanding how extensive the canvas was.. After a few hours, I noticed Green Lattice emerging, and the first signs of collaboration were finding me. I watched as alliances formed, artwork was created, and I even found Void to be a great example of teamwork, even if others didn't see it that way.. I worked with GL to expand the pattern and secure space for fantastic work, all​ of which was charming and humbling.. it was like the first days of Pokémon all over again, how none of us knew what we were doing, and yet order emerged to create outright beauty.. and after a few days, all of the collaboration came to an end.. See, the problem with things like Place and Pokémon Go and other MMOs is that those experiences gained in the first hours and days can't be replicated. They are the result of not fully understanding the design of what you're working with. Once you understand it, you cannot do it again, you can't go back.. And now I'm laying here, typing this on my little 5 inch screen, waiting for the day that the next unknown frontier will emerge, so that I may recklessly run in, no idea what I'm doing, blissfully unaware of the friends and experiences I'll gain.. Sleep tight for those going to sleep. Have a wonderful day for those waking up. I love you all ;__;

When I first discovered the various green faction subreddits, Green Lattice stood out to me because of its the diplomacy thread with /r/blackborderproject. The first few hours I spent working on expanding Green Lattice's borders and promoting the ideas of quick growth and diplomacy around /r/place and /r/GreenLattice. As soon as I got home, I joined the Discord chat and found the glorious chaos and community. After a few quick contributions in the general, strategy, and diplomacy channels, I suddenly received a mention: Nafaryus Destiny @tokol will be in command of coordinating the sign. So, I really had to leave just about then, but screw that, I had a sign to create! We were still very uncoordinated. Any effort to create a sign by disturbing the lattice was reverted almost instantly. My goal was to create something that we could implement quickly and that worked around the lattice. I opened up MSPaint, zoomed all the way in, and got to work. About 15 minutes later, this beauty emerged. I posted it to the discord, created a reddit post for it, and immediately had to bolt out the door. Much later that night, when I finally got home, I saw it. I saw that blocky 5x5 typeface in the midst of our lattice, and I felt so proud. Thank you, everyone. :)

Greenlattice let an h3h3 logo be alive so I had to fight to keep things green. I stayed up so late to protect the lattice integrity. Im sad that its over. Papa bless

I don't have a badass soldier story; I'm not even on the discord. I was just busy keeping the Green Lattice green.

There was this one time where I placed a green pixel

I stumbled upon /r/place by accident. I was going to my subscription list when I saw /r/place in the front page of the subreddit list, and was like Huh, an experiment sub so I checked it out. Seeing what it was, I started to explore. I found the trans flag banner and, as I'm trans and was very happy to see it, I began to repair the damage that had been done to it by The Void. The next morning I logged on and saw it had been finished overnight. So, I decided to find other things to repair here and there... and then I found the lattice. I appreciated its simple-but-appealing pattern, and found it fun to repair the small damaged pixels here and there. I found myself going back to the lattice so much that I decided to go to /r/GreenLattice, and here I am! I've been a dedicated and patriotic Green Lattice citizen ever since!

You guys helped r/Gamindustri defend both the Planeptune and Lastation Logo. As much as we needed the help for our small little emblems, as attacks came here and there, but you guys saved us, making a great outcome for everyone. Thank you for helping Gamindustri!

I spent the longest time trying to change /r/greenlattice into /r/greenlattass because I thought that would be hilarious, but when I realized that would be impossible I started changing dark green pixels into light ones. I would do it randomly so that it went unnoticed, and I got a good 10 pixels converted, but as soon as I slacked they were all fixed and I was blown away by your guyses dedication, and from then on I was helping clean up the pattern. Really impressed green lattice managed to stay so significant until the very end!

Before I placed my first pixel, I wanted it to mean something, so I looked around, and found this beautiful green lattice on the East. I went to place a green pixel, and put it in the wrong place! But 10 minutes later, I fixed it, and got to work. I found the subreddit, and became a cleaner (I never did work on expansion). I cleaned and helped to maintain the banner so that others could find their way here, placing a white pixel here, green pixel there. But, the random pixels started making their way in, and the Lattice gradually got dirtier and dirtier. It was dying. I had to go to sleep, fully expecting that when I woke up, the lattice would be dead. But when I did wake up, I found a new lattice in black. Inspired, I continued cleaning, watching the lattice grow and grow, maintaining the new black lattice until the end. It was great to part of the lattice, the most elegant part of r/place.

I saw an R in green lattice that had a red pixel. I fixed it. I joined. I am a simple man.

My personal Greenlattice history: When r/place came to be, my r/OpticGaming friends were too slow to get involved in building a Greenwall, so I went in search of green within r/place. At first I tried to help the lower left green corner, until I saw a beautiful green lattice growing out east. Pure clean green on a white canvas. I found r/GreenLattice from the first banner even before it was complete. I joined the subreddit even before browsing it. I joined the discord and lost my identity, I became Green Lattice. I went straight to the Clean Up Crew and went to work just as The Great Grapu started to take form. I was GreenLattice. Tirelessly maintaining the lattice, the lattice maintained me. Green, White and then Black. Purple in defense of The Most Beautiful Grape. Clean. Defend. Rebuild. Expand. Maintain. Endure. I am GreenLattice and GreenLattice is me. Until the end of time.

I originally joined the Blue corner shortly after the purple raid. The people in charge of the blue corner became uncoordinated, and they lacked control of almost all of their territory. Then I saw The Green Lattice. I saw the amazing comeback that was made by the Lattice​ and I know that this was a team worth helping. I worked constantly yesterday, fighting off random pixels and the void. Yet, we grow once more: Join us again. Preserve the Lattice.

Was a very interested onlooker throughout /place. When I placed pixels I just kept to basic lattice cleanup. When I first saw the canvas and the beginnings of the lattice I thought the minimalist pattern was a great design solution to the game set. It got a bit hectic with the amount of players, but you banded together to leave a permanent mark. The green lattice was a great idea and done very elegantly with the 16 colors available. May have more personal reflections but I can save for further threads as this subreddit slows down and becomes part of history.

Black, White, Light green, Green. These are the only colors I placed over the course of 72 hours. There were many interesting sights to be hold in the early hours of /r/place. Blue in the corner, rainbows spanning across the canvas, and a whole bunch of colored dots spread out and about. But what caught my eye was the pattern of alternating shades of green. Amongst all the random noise there lied an organic, yet orderly, patch of green. This mixture of order, organicness, and my favorite color green drew me in. I instantly knew the intentions and purpose of the lattice. So I put it upon myself that I maintain order within the lattice. and the rest is history...

I began on the place endeavor on Saturday night, and tried to find a project that I could become a part of. The Blue Corner was too simplistic to be my style. I looked around, art everywhere... but then I saw something beautiful. A Green.... Lattice. That was when I knew that it was the right place for me. Elegant, simplistic, beautiful. The Green Lattice filled me and I filled it. I found alongside mighty warriors to protect the banner, undo the LAME, and hold back The Void. I joined the Discord and found it was full of nice people. I liked that (even though I may have mocked the Wretched Goose one too many times. I honestly hated that guy). The Lattice was my home, and I was glad to be a part of it.

I placed a red pixel in the green lattice. It was immediately replaced with green and I received a message confronting my actions. It was my first pixel I changed in r/place. It was suggested that instead of fighting, that I help defend. I did, until the end.

I first came to /r/place about an hour after it went up. At first I had no idea what's happening, but rather quickly I decided to join /r/TheGreatGreenBox because a. It was a faction and b. Green is and always was my favorite colour. I soon realized that the green box was way to extreme and aggressive for my tastes, so I turned to the peaceful and a e s t h e t i c faction of the Green Lattice. I loyally cleaned the core and allied art ever since. Waking up in the morning to see the Lattice not only survive its biggest assault yet, but also thrive with the new black background was my most satisfying experience here.

When I first found /r/place, I assisted /r/ainbowroad with expanding their road. At the time they were just bouncing off the Rocket League sign. After expansion came to a halt, I joined up with what I've heard are known as the ungriefers, or, less flatteringly, the janitors. I focused on fixing up the road and while following it I came across the lattice. In my mind it seemed much more manageable since a lot of the road was being swallowed by all sorts of art. So I dedicated the rest of my time to cleaning up various pixels within the lattice and hanging out in this subreddit. I'm glad I could do my part to help!

I came in a few hours late, and finished making Rainbow Dash with /r/mylittlepony and even joined its discord. How neat the greenlattice was and how nice it was with everyone else is what made me start helping to protect it, and other surrounding art like Master chief and the Kuribo.

It was either join the Lattice or become part of the logo/meme brigade. The Lattice was the biggest, unique thing on the canvas.

Green is good, Patterns are great, It just made sense; To collaborate. As the Void emerged, A rival of order, And of treaties was raised; A valiant protector. The Green Lattice will remain We will not back down We will fight for our right Our right to create The Green Lattice will remain

I didn't do a lot on /r/place at first. It's interesting for sure, but way too chaotic and I don't find any community I'm following having a plan or foothold on the canvas to place our artwork. So I mostly just helped out to repair vandalised art of things I know, like pokemon sprites or video game logos. And then /r/onepiece put out a post saying that Green Lattice is giving us some space to make art, and will be helping to defend it - when I saw that announcement (due to sleep and timezones), the /r/onepiece art is already made, but I had fun in taking part to protect the artwork, as well as helping to expand the Lattice. Got more involved with the Lattice, checking in occasionally to help repair bits and piece of vandalism, and am really glad to see that Green Lattice is continually giving up 'territories' to smaller communities for them to place their artwork safely.

I'm coming from r/gamindustri, the one with Purple N thingy in the approval list lol, my story is that I'm joining r/place in the last few days because some subreddit is attempting to overwrite the art, so I alerted the subreddit and we managed to hold them off, then I learn something about r/GreenLattice and the art approvals, I noticed the art is not in the approval yet, so I decided to send one and it got approved, since the art didn't need further improvement, I decided to join r/GreenLattice discord and try to help out, and hopefully, protect r/gamindustri's art from any threat to the GL, at that moment there's a plan to rebuild Grapu (RIP), so I asked for it, but I decided to shift focus on the current matter which is hivemind that ate everything north up to runescape's dagger with the others on the discord, and so I'm following GL after that, and planning to help with any Place's clone we are focusing!

I was instantly drawn to the lattice in the first few hours of place. From the prior April fools experiments, I knew that having a sub was key to success. There were no obvious ones out there (though I later found the_grove), so I started greenlattice and marketed it on the place where I could. We gained quick traction. When I found out about the the_grove I decided just to see which became the main sub - I came back after a few hours and they had decided to move over to ours. I made a few early adopters mods, and they took it from there with the excellent css changes and discord.

I didn't know about r/place until April 2. I first got into maintaining the Nintendo Switch icon (not the original one, but the one that is still there in the top left). I meandered along and found the Green Lattice and thought it was dumb at first how territorial it was (it's just a background, I thought). Then I found on the subreddit how passionate people were about it, and I also found a post saying that a Kuriboh was being made. I was playing Duel Links at the time (Bakura campaign had me playing constantly), and I decided it was my duty to help. As I helped, I grew more fond of the Green Lattice, and once the icon itself was completed, I dedicated myself to cleaning up the lattice around the kuriboh. At this point I was the Lattice as it is meant to be, an art of its own. I then ended up helping with the Starbound logo (as I am also a fan of that game) and just generally cleaning up the lower lattice area. I got my throwaway involved and used that to clean up the upper lattice area, where there was an unapproved art, as well as the core. I got really into it in until I realized the American flag was in trouble. I'm not that patriotic but felt it was my duty to lend a hand. I ended up having a nap towards the end of it and didn't wake up till r/place was over. I'm sad I couldn't have helped the lattice in the end.

When I first heard of place, the lattice was already there, waiting for me. I was waiting for it to, I just didn't know it yet. Naturally, I saw a great number of bluecorner members posting in /r/place about how great the blue corner was, and I was desperate to join a faction quickly, so I went over to their sub and started reading through the posts. I had just about made up my mind when it occured to me I had yet to get a good look at the whole canvas. I drifted southeast to get a look at the blue corner, and as soon as I saw it, I could feel that it wasn't right for me. The style, the community, the way that the blue corner decimated everything in its path, it was all wrong. That wasn't who I wanted to be. It was at that moment that I realized I didn't want to be a part of this. I began to look elsewhere on the canvas, and that's when I saw it, a curious little area of green and white. I instantly fell in love. Then, I saw a banner. /r/greenlattice it read, and I began my quest to become a member of a community, nay, a family that I had always wanted. Reading through just the first few posts told me all that I needed to know about the lattice. It was about peace, togetherness, and above all, preserving the work of others rather than destroying it. I was in love. Everything was perfect. The style. Oh, the style. Such a bright, colorful, and clean piece of land in the midst of the chaos of /r/place. The community has since become a second family to me, and I wouldn't have it any other way. All in all, I don't feel like I chose the lattice. I feel like the lattice was always there for me since birth, just waiting for this time in my life to surface and make me whole. It was there when I was first learning to ride a bike and I just couldn't figure it out. It was there when I fell over and over again and scraped up my knees, hands, and a few times, face. It was there when it finally clicked, and I rode for a whole 5 seconds without a break. It was there the first day of kindergarten, when I didn't quite feel ready to leave the comforting embrace of my mother and venture out into the unknown outside world. The lattice was there for me when my prom date showed up with my friend, Ryan, without telling me, and it was there while my mom drove me home and away from the biggest disappointment in my life. And I know, that from this day on, the lattice will always be there for me.

r/skyrim, man. I joined the art team and saw the beauty of the lattice. I felt bad for the admins' treachery and decided to help on placetwo.

Showed up to class yesterday and The Wierd Kid is walking around the hangar shouting green lattice! and grreeeeeen lattice!. Then there were variants, like Green Lettuce (referring to lunch) and Grey Lettuce (some aluminium structure I was riveting together). So then I finally googled it and here I am.

I originally just was going around the map messing with peoples pictures, but then realized... I could actually do more by creating something. I found a nice spot near the lattice, and was quickly accepted in, since I was creating art near the border of the expansion of the lattice. I started to make a tiny blue whale to go along with the one piece art!. I started to communicate with the subreddit, and was granted safety to build as the lattice expanded around my work, and others work. Being in the lattice group meant that I was free to communicate with other art piece makers around me, to form small alliances in addition to the alliance with the lattice. In the end, becoming a part of the lattice was my way to keep my art safe, and was also a way to cooperate with other art makers on the map, to protect one another (while also protecting the great green lattice)! :)

So, I found /r/place a few hours after it started. I lurked for a while trying to decide what I was going to try to draw. It was a great time watching the canvas, I saw the void get started and everything. Eventually I decided to put a flower on the canvas, near a section of the Rainbow Road. The avocado section had its first two avocados and I had no idea it was going to expand. I was just above it. My flower turned into a mosaic after I realised that I really had no idea how to draw the flower. I liked my mosaic, and I got two tiles finished! I was hoping to get an entire block of them, but unfortunately it was slow going and it never occurred to me to recruit help. I had a brief battle with the avocados when they decided to expand upwards after they extended their row a bit. Of course I lost, so I now had a grudge against avocados and nothing to do. So I looked around the canvas again. Should I join the carrots or one of the colour corners? What about the void? But the gentle simplicity of the Green Lattice called to me. It was like my mosaic, but greener. So I stuck around to try to keep the core clean and the banner undisturbed, and I'm pleased that it kept its integrity to the end.

It was just so beautiful! The perfectly patterned green squares drew me in, it was love at first sight. I placed pixels here and there for a few times not really knowing what to do or what to draw. When I saw the green lattice I knew it was my true calling. Organization and making patterns is my jam. Although, I did prefer the white background better, it reminds me of a simpler time.

I stumbled upon r/place during the evening of the first day. The board was getting full and I was amazed by the variety of pixel art. While scanning the various works, I gravitated towards the east side which is where I found the lattice. The lattice appeared to be taking up space that could be used for other art so I placed my first pixel to vandalize it. There was a cool-down timer–something I hadn't expected. I bided my time, then vandalized the lattice with my next 3-4 pixels. It wasn't much, but I thought it might help create space for other art. While waiting for the counter to run down, I finally visited the r/greenlattice subreddit. After reading the sidebar rules and the posts, I realized that the lattice was working towards something bigger–not conquering the most amount of space, but preserving art. Our goals were the same. With nothing but my one account and time to contribute, I joined the discord and spent the rest of my time cleaning and fighting for the lattice and its allies. I joined the black squad and was one of the muted souls listening on the voice channel. I didn't say anything, but listened to treaties being formed and kept up-to-date on the most critical places to place my next pixel. The organization and teamwork were incredible. On day two, I tried to help rebuild Grapu, but we were attacked. I fought against the void and, when they raided our discord, there were a few passing comments about kicking muted users because of the possibility of spies. Luckily, that didn't happen. I also helped fight off Wall Street Bets when they overran the Starbound flag. I find it amazing how political r/place became. Wars were fought and alliances were made all for the land on our canvas. The bigger, stronger guys (communities with more people or those using bots) could crush the weak, but with treaties and alliances these smaller works could be protected. We weren't perfect. Some toes were stepped on–sometimes the hive mind would crush approved art without realizing we were allowing it to go there. Some people thought we took too much space for ourselves. But we tried to strike a balance between protecting our own while carving out space for & protecting our allies. Life's like that... you can't make everyone happy. It's hard to describe what this meant. So much happened–hours were like years because wars could be won or lost in minutes. It was simply an incredible experience. I'm glad I was a part of it.

I think I came up with he idea of shortening the white Es in the sign so one more glorious green pixel could take part of our lands. (Well it seemed that it started happening as soon as I suggested it on this subreddit). I also figured out the formula/rules for placing pixels away from the main body. Doubt anyone used it, but it might have been useful if this had carried on for a while.

I was late to the cause. I found r/place and couldn't wait to be involved, the only question was how? I started to research the different factions. I was impressed by the colossal size of the blue corner but felt they had let themselves go, becoming drowned in other art. But Green Lattice was pure, clean, and tidy. I loved the simplicity of the design, and the impressive revival from white to black. I instantly felt welcome when I posted in the subreddit. And from then on I have been dedicated to keeping our land ours. Live on Green Lattice

Green lattice was more peaceful feeling. We negotiated for land, not plundered for it. And what land we took, we kept. Until... the bots attacked.

Green lattice started as nothing more than a couple of random green squares. Two shades. (right side, 3/4th of the way up). We began as peaceful, accepting faction. Open borders. We worked AROUND other art and didn't destroy it. This was in stark contrast to our friends in different areas of the canvas that took a more destructive approach, and a few paid the price. But alas, our approach of peace and working around art was not sustainable. We were quickly losing ground on all fronts, as people saw the chaos and took their opportunity to make there mark around and on top of us. Like we were nothing more than ground to walk on. Then a great, anonymous Green Latticer had a brilliant eureka moment. Our white background served as a canvas for Placers. We were nothing more than an inconvenience to be covered and forgotten. But not that day, friends. With a simple conversion to our black background, we saved our faction. At this point it was preserve our space or die. WE CHOSE LIFE. We marked our territory, closed our borders and began defending our lattice pattern. And the pesants came running. Can we put this here? I need space for my small message.My little brother is dying of cancer, etc Well what? We're supposed to deny a tiny light or dark green square of our own? And for what? Fuck your little brother. It's all in the full progression video. You can see the moment when we all lost our breath and death was just around the corner. But through the darkness, we prevailed. One of the only remaining and consistent original factions, those being red corner, blue corner and rainbow road. Red fell. Blue fell and was reborn. And I can think of no more honorable attempt than rainbow road, but alas you had to much space to cover and were covered quickly. r/GreenLattice remained. And remains. We are no logo. We sell nothing. We don't define ourselves by a single representational image. We stayed true to ourselves and our theme.